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Deleted scene from The Fault in Our Stars


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It’s funny, because I was expecting a fighting Sycorax on the top of a spaceship with a sword and a satsuma moment. Or an asking Prisoner Zero if he thinks earth is not protected while tying a bow tie moment. You know, one of those really big defining character moments. Capaldi’s big character moment was pouring a glass of scotch and making you wonder if he killed someone. I have a good feeling about this.
comment by reddit user IMthinkingGoAway that essentially sums up the Twelfth Doctor’s debut. (via sharpewit)



i guess i recorded an ice bucket challenge today after i got my wisdom teeth out ??

I have never watched a better video in my entire life.

Because I’m still reeling from the episode I’m just going to note some very simple observations - what I liked and what I’m unsure about.

Here we go again:
I enjoyed the plot. It was well thought out.
I liked the interior of the TARDIS.
I liked seeing the paternoster gang back.
The CGI was brilliant
The makeup for Vastra and the clockwork droids was great, but I still think someone needs to take a look at Strax’s rubbery look
I think Capaldi has so much potential.
I felt like it was being fluffed out a little bit to make the episode feature length.
The direction at the beginning was a bit odd, as the camera angles were peculiar.
I’m not a huge fan of the new title sequence. The title song seems to have lost a bit of prowess.
The lack of music was a bit disconcerting in places.
I loved the restaurant booth scene.
I felt the tramp scene was a bit too long.
The jokes did manage to win me over, and the comedic timing was pretty good.
Matt Smith’s scene was a welcomed surprise. Maybe not as emotional as I would’ve hoped.
The end scene was weird, but I am optimistic (as optimistic as you can be about a needy psychotic ex - by which I mean the doctor).
I always find it hard to accept something significant when there has been no other indication of it in the whoniverse e.g. The giant dinosaur that combusted (or the giant Cyberman in the next doctor)

Then again, I am rewatching it now, and I may amend this afterwards.

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